The basics of SEO

The Basics Of SEO

The use of SEO has become the only way to market your company effectively on the internet and is the best marketing tool available today. The ways to do it are not that difficult. There are a few rules to keep in mind, but once you get the hang of them, it is easy to know what you should be doing.

We should start with what SEO means. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. They way it works is simple and you have probably done it a hundred times without realizing it. Every time you put keywords into the search engine you get a list of websites based on those keywords. It’s the perfect example of permission marketing.  For example if you need a rental car place you would likely type in rental cars in Victoria, or whatever area you are in. You would then get hits or a list of websites that fit those criteria.

So when starting up your website for SEO you want to include on your website your location. For example, I am a freelance writer, I work a lot with basic assignments in sales writing, and I am in Texas, if you needed a writer you would go to your favorite search engine, Google for example, type in freelance sales writer in Texas and my page would come up. You want to write about your products or services in your about page so that if someone searched for a service you could do, your page would be on the results list.

Pick and use only 3 to 4 keywords that are directly related to your company and service. Do not put your keyword in more than 5-7 time for an entire page. Overstuffing your keywords will cause you lose your standing in the search results. Some search engines will block you for keyword stuffing, so be sure to follow these guidelines.

You business will see natural traffic from using SEO as long as you do it correctly. Stick to your popular services and products and do not try to highlight every single one.