Mobile Becoming A Factor In Search Engine Rankings

If you’re not in web design or seo they you probably haven’t heard of mobilegeddon or what some web marketing experts are calling it. Google’s search algorithm has many factors on how choosing what ranks better than others. Some of the ranking factors include

  • Relevant Content
  • Backlinks
  • Social Signals

Providing relevant content is key to having proper on-page optimization for your website. Back links are the main bases for ranking well in google. Larry Page thesis is written on the Page Rank algorithm. In summary, it states that google decides what ranks the best based on how many back links the website has. Because in the eyes of google the more links you having pointing to a website the more trust worthy it is. Social Signals is somewhat new, but have become very important the last two years. Social media a huge part of marketing and on the web. Google now takes that into effect. So for example.. lets say you build a website. The first thing now these days your going to build social profiles to it as well. This shows more trust in googles eyes. Which in turn helps with the rankings.

But another factor that’s  going to take into effect is mobile friendly website or responsive websites. Responsive websites change with the width of the screen size that is present. Which makes for a more pleasurable experience for the user. If your website is not mobile friendly this is going to hurt your rankings in the search engines. So be sure to contact you plano web designers to fix or redesign your website so that it will not be effected. April 21st will be here quicker than you know it. You don’t want your rankings to be hurt.

In order to rank high with plano seo experts your companies websites needs to be optimized with proper on page optimization, which includes great content that gives the user wanting to dig into and read more. Proper back links that provide your website to have a high value of trust in the eyes of google. Good social signals for high authority websites like twitter, facebook and googlee +. Now to make sure that your website is mobile optimized. You can have your website checked by the Dallas seo experts to make sure you are moving in the right direction for your search engine optimization needs.

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Haircut Franchise Success With The Huddle

Every year since becoming a franchise, Sport Clips has held a National Huddle. The Huddle is required by every franchisee to pay for themselves and managers from each store, to a 3 day conference. Every franchisee comes together and discusses strategies, ideas, and a long with their experiences. As well as hearing motivational speakers, athletes, industry greats and Veterans throughout the conference. There is food, drinks, music, entertainment and lots of fun every day and night at The Huddle. Most importantly The Huddle is about recognizing the successes, individual and team awards, of the haircut business that year!

To put The Huddles and the success of the franchise in perspective, in 1996 the Sport Clips national huddle had around 50 people there in a small hotel. Now, The National Huddle is held usually every year in Las Vegas, at Caesars Palace! Listen to this, last year, The Huddle was held in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Sport Clips had over 2,200 team members in attendance! The franchise, by the end of this year, will have opened at least 1 store in every single state in America and all of Canada with over 1400 stores! Sport Clips is a booming franchise with lots of success stories of business men controlling their own destiny in the right direction.

Sport Clips success can even be correlated with their ever changing new store designs in the last decade. The colors used to be navy blue and red. At one point the colors were mustard yellow and ketchup red! Like the Houston Rocket’s jerseys during that time period. Sport Clips knows how to adapt, in other words, Sport Clips knows how to be successful. The latest and greatest Sport Clips store design is in Houston, Texas is located at 444 W. 19th Street in the Greater Heights community. Get a great men’s haircut in houston. For more information the web address is: .


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Uber Success

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, you’ve probably never heard of the car-riding service Uber. But most likely you have an exact idea of what uber is.

It all started when soon to be founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp were struggling to find a cab for a tech convention in Paris. Frustrated with the process, the two got together and June 2009 Uber was born. The app gave the ability for users to contact limo drivers or professional drivers from their smart phone. Each user having their account linked credit card or paypal account made the driving process easy as can be.

The idea grew quickly and became a huge success among the cities. By 2011 the company had raised $49 million in ventures allowing the company to even grow at a alarming rate. High interest values allowed the company to expand internationally of the course of a year. One of the main reasons of what makes Uber so unique is it’s surge pricing algorithm. I as demand goes up users are notified that pricing is increased until demand dies down.

Although, with Uber’s success there was some issues with taxi drivers and city regulators trying to fight uber. Stating that their practices were illegal and violating city taxi laws. Strategic planning with law officials have allowed the ride-sharing company to be a major success in just about all cities it has opened it’s doors to.

Innovative methods for allowing users to have a more valued experience is why back in June Uber was valued at $18.2 billion dollars. It will be exciting to see where there headed in the near future.